Does Target Accept EBT? (Yes, But Read This First)

does target accept ebt cards

Target stores have been a common destination for consumers in the United States to fulfill their grocery needs and other well-being necessities. As these consumers shop from Target frequently, they are highly dependent on the many benefits of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT).

Target is one of the largest discount retailers in the United States, second only to Walmart. This chain of retail stores prides itself on the range of products it offers, from high-quality international brands to low-cost, high utility products. 

Before we move on further, let’s understand what EBT is.

What is EBT?

EBT, short for Electronic Benefit transfer, is a card-based electronic system that enables citizens facing financial difficulty to receive government assistance such as food stamps. In this system, these people participate in a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) where they can make purchases using SNAP Benefits. 

A consumer has to purchase from a SNAP authorized store to avail benefits of EBT. When they buy food from such stores using their EBT card, their EBT account is debited to pay for the purchases. This government assistance system has been in place since 2004 while its utilities are still being explored and upgraded to this date. 

An EBT card is a plastic payment card with a security PIN and a magnetic strip. Food stamps and money are credited into the EBT card, which is protected with the PIN. You can use this card at point-of-sale terminals of an authorized store under the SNAP program. 

SNAP has been an excellent relief for families suffering from financial problems as EBT cards can reduce the cost of grocery items to a great extent. Monthly groceries are a regular expense. Hence, you can save a good amount of money from your monthly income by applying for an EBT card and buying food items at affordable prices. 

This program allows households with low income a healthier diet, thereby improving nationwide health. SNAP benefits are only limited to food items. The program plays a crucial role in reducing the severity and hardships of poverty. 

Does Target Accept EBT Cards?

Target accepts EBT cards in all their stores in the United States. You can enjoy SNAP benefits if you purchase the groceries that are approved for benefits under the SNAP program. 

However, you can only use an EBT card at an authorized Target store and not through online means. Keep on reading if you’d like to know more about the food items you can buy to enjoy EBT Benefits. 

Target’s Policy on EBT

Target has over 1900 stores in the United States, all of which welcome their customers to use EBT benefits. Most of these stores use WIC labels to assist you in differentiating the items you can shop with your EBT card from the ones you can’t buy with the same card. 

An alternate payment method has to be used for items that do not fall under the SNAP program. 

Items bought with an EBT card can be returned within the standard 90-day return policy of Target. However, you won’t be given cash refunds for your return of EBT items as it is against federal law.

Target may credit your EBT card in cases of product return, give you store benefits, gift card, or an identical item.

Process for Using EBT at Target

While shopping, load the EBT eligible products separately from non-eligible products. The cashier will use your EBT card like a regular debit card, swiping it using the magnetic strip or entering the 4-digit pin.

However, make sure that you choose only eligible items to benefit from Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The computer automatically applies the EBT discount on the eligible items in the self-checkout process as it scans each food item. In this case, you don’t need to keep the eligible items separately. 

If you are eligible for WV Works/ Child Support Incentive benefits, you can withdraw funds using your EBT card at specific ATMs. Pay using an EBT card at your nearby Target store to enjoy frequent cashback. 

If you try to purchase food items that are not eligible under SNAP benefits using your EBT card, the transaction will not get processed. 

However, suppose you get caught trying to buy non-eligible items with your EBT card. In that case, the respective state’s food stamps agency will investigate and determine if you broke the law and then take necessary actions. A severe penalty is issued if the agency finds that you tried to purchase banned items using your SNAP benefits. 

Which Target Store Accepts EBT?

There are 1900+ Target stores in the US, and every one of them accepts SNAP EBT cards. However, WIC is only accepted at selected Target superstores as they have a wide range of groceries. 

The SNAP retail locator can help you identify nearby grocery stores that will accept EBT cards. Fill in your address or zip code or tap on the map for details and directions to authorized retailers in that location. 

EBT cards, including SNAP And WIC, are of no use for online ordering of goods from

Eligible Food Items You Can Buy with EBT Cards at Target

EBT cards focus mainly on covering food items that have great nutritious value, as it aims to provide a healthy diet to citizens below the poverty line. 

Here is the kind of food you can purchase with your EBT card: 

  • Milk and other dairy products 
  • Cheese
  • Tortillas, rice, and pasta 
  • Whole grains and whole wheat bread
  • Non-carbonated juice
  • Soy items and tofu 
  • Peanut butter
  • Curd and Yogurt
  • Vegetables and Fruit
  • Fish, poultry, and meat
  • Cooking oils

SNAP benefits go a step further to provide special benefits to mothers as they can buy baby food with their EBT cards. 

Final Word

Yes, Target does accept EBT cards, thereby allowing you to redeem SNAP and WIC benefits to buy essential food items at affordable prices. EBT cards are great for saving money to purchase grocery products that hold nutritious value. 

However, we recommend you contact your nearby Target store as their acceptance status changes from time to time. 

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