Does Walmart Take Google Pay?

does Walmart take google pay

Owing to the popularity of contactless payments like Google Pay, Walmart shoppers may wonder if they can also use this digital wallet in-store and online?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept Google Pay as a valid payment method. Instead, you can use their own touch-free payment feature called Walmart Pay for easy and safe shopping. Walmart Pay can be used both at the register and self-checkouts.

Read on as we discuss why Walmart does not accept Google Pay and how Walmart Pay matches up to other digital wallets.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Accept Google Pay?

While Google Pay is a highly famous contactless payment method, Walmart does not accept it because of their own mobile payment option in Walmart Pay. Thus, naturally, they want customers to use that. For this reason, Walmart sweetens the deal, allowing shoppers to get cash back, e-gift cards, and rewards points with their exclusive digital payment option. For example, when you use the Capital One® Walmart Rewards® Card for the first 12 months with Walmart Pay, you can get 5% cash back in-store.

Moreover, allowing consumers to use alternative mobile payment methods such as Google Pay would lose valuable customer data.

To make things even better, using Walmart Pay is simple, and it works the same for both Android and iPhone users, unlike Google Pay which allows restricted functions to Apple users. In addition, Walmart Pay does not use NFC technology like Google Pay. Instead, its QR scanning mechanism makes it easier to use even with older versions of smartphones.

Payments with Walmart Pay are just as quick as Google Pay as both connect to credit and debit cards for easy checkouts.

Does Walmart Allow Contactless Payment?

As we discussed, Walmart has its version of contactless payment with Walmart Pay, which you can access from the Walmart App. Since Walmart has come out with an exclusive touch-free payment system, it does not allow any other digital wallets to be used in Walmart stores or Setting up and using Walmart Pay is pretty straightforward (more on this below). However, keep in mind that you cannot download any independent app for Walmart Pay from the Play Store or the App Store. It can only be used within the Walmart app. 

How To Set Up Walmart Pay?

To set up Walmart Pay, you need to follow a few simple steps.

Step #1: Download the Walmart App

If you do not already have the Walmart App, download it from the App or Play store. Next, launch the app to access Walmart Pay.

Step #2: Open Walmart Pay in the App

Once the app is open, go to the Services and select Walmart Pay. You will now have to either sign in or create a Walmart account. If you already do not have a Walmart account, you can make one within the app without leaving it.

Step #3: Add A Payment Method

After signing in, you can add a debit or credit card to Walmart Pay. You will be able to see any already saved cards (debit, credit, and gift) in a list, and you can choose from them or add a new card. If there are no previously saved cards, you will have to add one or more accepted payment methods.

Once you click on the Credit or Debit Card tab, you can enter card information yourself or use your device camera to scan the card to fill automatically. After entering the required information, click on Continue. After the card is saved, you will need to create a 4-Digit PIN or use your Fingerprint ID.

You can repeat the same steps to add more cards if you wish.

Note: Unless you change the setting, your gift card value is used first for payment by default.

Using Walmart Pay

Using Walmart Pay takes all but a few seconds Once your card information is set up, all you need to do is scan the QR code at the register after scanning your items. Remember that to use Walmart Pay, you will need to either enter a PIN or use fingerprint authentication. Follow these steps for seamless and quick payment using Walmart Pay.

  1. Scan all the items you intend to buy and take out your phone to pay.
  2. When you have logged in to Walmart Pay through the Walmart App, use your phone camera to scan the QR code at the PIN reader on the register or the self-checkout screen.
  3. When you hear a chime-like sound or vibration, your payment is made. You will receive an e-receipt of the transaction.

Is Walmart Pay Secure?

Since Walmart Pay uses a secure QR Scan, it does not transfer any financial information during the transaction at the checkout. All the scan does is authenticate the transaction using Walmart Pay. In other words, it indicates to the server that it is okay to use Walmart Pay for a particular purchase. However, customer payment information is stored on the Walmart server but is not directly transferred in-store.

The Bottom Line

Walmart does not take Google Pay in-store or online since it has its own digital wallet-less payment option, Walmart Pay. You can use any major credit, debit, or Walmart gift card with Walmart Pay. Scan the QR code at the register to authenticate the digital payment for a smooth shopping experience.

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